What will call tracking achieve for my business?


How do you know which marketing campaigns generate the most leads?

How do you know when your audience is most active and engaged with your business?

How do you know that you are maximising your telephone sales potential?


PROIntel will solve all of these problems through our intelligent call tracking system which gives you the power to understand every fine detail about your audience and allow you to meet your businesses objectives.


In an ever changing digital world, it’s important to evolve your business so you always stay ahead in a competitive environment. Understanding the success of your PR and Marketing campaigns and what has effectively generated leads is crucial when deciding which marketing content will deliver the best conversion results. Keep up with your audiences changing needs by understanding which campaigns generate the most engagement. This is vital to emphasize you above the competition to smash through your businesses targets and goals.


Our bespoke call tracking systems offer clients the opportunity to understand audience traffic and determine which PR campaigns are pulling in potential sales. You will be able to see the times of when your audience is most active so you can factor in when to post your marketing content, you’ll also gain an insight into their interests through seeing which campaigns engaged them the most.


Inbound and outbound call recording is vital in not only understanding your audiences needs but also for you to develop an awareness into how your sales calls are handled by your staff. You can improve your sales figures by monitoring which keywords were used and which techniques created sales conversion. Understanding which quality conversations generated a sale is an essential factor in expanding your businesses potential and being used as a training tool going forward.


Our goal is to improve your businesses goals of maximising conversion and delivering that vital return on investment. Get in touch now on 01782606690 for a quote tailored to your business’s needs.