Summer’s here, how’re your figures looking?

In the ever evolving industry which is PR and Marketing, companies must constantly change and adapt to meet the growing demands of clients.


Clients want to know what their return on investment is if they’re working with an agency, and rightly so. Figures have always been predominant in the world of marketing but what about PR?


PRs have been relying heavily on AVE for far too long but what does it really mean? AVE gives an estimate into the cost of the space taken up by an article –  the advertising value equivalent, but it doesn’t tell you how it’s affected those people. Or as we say in the industry, how it affected their “behaviour”.


How can we guarantee that the work we are producing is delivering to the client objectives, whether that’s to generate more sales, increase web traffic or to recruit?


Any PR and Marketing company worth their salt will be coming up with new solutions which they can offer clients to show they are meeting their targets. Many agencies are looking into AMEC now, and some (like us) are coming up with their own methods of showing ROI.


A lot can be said for brand awareness, which shouldn’t be discounted and should form part of a good PR plan. The general rule of thumb is that it takes seven ‘touchpoints’ for a brand to become familiar. This could be from an advert, a social media post, a piece in a newspaper or a magazine, and a good PR and Marketing team will ensure they generate these so your brand receives a good amount of visibility, but it’s not enough – what else can we be doing?


PRs need to start getting familiar with tools like Google Analytics, it’s not just for Marketers anymore. We’re in a digital age which is only going to grow and most impactful content is now on the web, so tools like Google Analytics will help in that measurement of online traffic.


A good agency or PR professional will have ways of tracking certain items of coverage, so it might be worth questioning your team to make sure they’re moving in the right direction.


A lot of companies are at a standstill and just won’t put the time into evolving. You may find some have the attitude if it’s not broke don’t fix it. That doesn’t work for us at PROIntel as we will always strive to get the best for our client and to show them their ROI in a more effective way.


We know that you have to meet business goals, so we have developed our very own bespoke call tracking system. This intelligent system will allow you track where you generate the most leads whilst also giving you an important understanding of your audience demographic. This monitoring system is unique to us and if you’re interested in finding out how it could help your business, get in touch.


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