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PROIntel is the market-leading portal for call management

Easily and securely record calls

PROIntel is an essential call tracking and analytics tool for data-driven marketers and businesses.

An intuitive and easy-to-use call monitoring platform that puts advanced routing technology just a few steps away in an extremely cost effective way.

The call tracking software gives detailed insights into customer behaviours such as: the most popular time of day for calls; what region is most engaged with your brand and which is the least; average length of a phone call; how long it takes for inbound calls to be answered; as well as details of any missed calls.

It allows agencies to optimise their marketing strategies and provide a genuine return on investment and helps businesses gain an insight into call conversions.

Simple solutions to complex requirements

Easily customise it to suit your exact requirements and access an extensive range of constantly growing features.

Full reporting

Whatever you need to know, our touch-of-a-button call reports can provide instant and valuable information about the calls you receive.

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Measure success and improve return on investment with one simple solution


Of people prefer to contact a business by phone


Of successful telephone communications are down to tone-of-voice


Of people whose calls aren’t answered will not call back


Of mobile searchers think click-to-call advertising is most valuable at point of sale shopping

(Sources: Google, message-direct.co.uk, Invoca, contactPoint)

PROIntel is an inbound call monitoring platform that allows agencies to optimise their marketing strategies and provide a solid ROI and gives businesses an insight into call conversions.

Manage marketing campaigns by allocating dedicated phone numbers to different platforms to understand which traffic sources are the most lucrative.

Record calls for training purposes to help you guarantee quality customer service and learn the language your audience uses and what tone of voice they are responsive to so you can secure more conversions.


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