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Manage how your calls are handled using our range of interactive call management services

PROIntel is an intelligent inbound call management platform. The bespoke monitoring and tracking system enables you to optimise marketing strategies and measure the impact of your campaigns using advanced data analytics. The platform’s user friendly design is easy to learn which means that you can set up and manage detailed call handling through the website or app with very little training.

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PROIntel - intelligent call management and number manager

The benefits

PROIntel’s inbound call management platform provides call tracking and analytics for data-driven marketers and businesses. Track online, offline and traditional advertising performance, PR campaigns, provide metrics for advertising, PPC, SEO and increase marketing ROI.

Running a larger business?

 From out of hours call handling and messaging, to call queuing and call monitoring. PROIntel can help to make sure your marketing channels are achieving the best return on investment for your company. Find out more in the video below.

Freelance or running a small business?

 No more missed calls! Number management is easy to use and available across all devices from Android to iOS, PC or table. PROIntel can help to manage your calls to generate higher customer satisfaction to lead to conversions. Find more more in the video below.

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From £15A month *Call charges may apply
  • We take care of the technical side, your existing phone lines won’t be affected and call answering staff won’t notice a difference. Get in touch today for a bespoke call management plan to suit your business needs.

Number manager

With just a few clicks, you’re in total control of your business numbers and can manage how your calls are handled using our range of interactive services. PROIntel is ideal for businesses with high call volumes, small businesses, businesses that want to streamline call costs and companies who want to enhance their caller experience.

One interface – limitless functionality. Inbound call management that’s tailored to suit your business needs.

Of phone calls come from digital marketing channels.
Say a phone call is the latest way to get a response
Are happy to pay up to 25% more if they get the right customer experience
Who connect with a business after a mobile search will do it over the phone
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